Jammat Housing and Community Development
Corporation (Jammat)

We are a non-profit, minority owned and operated 501C3
corporation located in Providence, Rhode Island. We are
committed to providing quality services to our clients and
our partners.  We are very fortunate to operate many
vibrant programs:

The following are programs of Jammat Housing:

Jammat Housing and Community
Development Corporation
Please join us for our annual golf tournament.

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Golf Tournament
Corporate Motto:

Our corporate motto is: People Making A Difference.
We incorporate this belief into our daily business
practices. We strongly believe in working together as
ordinary people we can make a difference in our
community and in the lives of clients that we serve.
Corporate Mission

The word Jammat means community. Our mission as a Corporation is
to improve the quality of life in the community in which we serve. We
believe the community is much more than the houses and land, but it is
the people and the families that truly make a community. In order to
develop a community, businesses must provide meaningful services,
such as education, employment and other supportive services. This is  
Jammat's mission; we provide educational and supportive services,
through our child care center, our therapeutic school and our group
homes. We also provide employment opportunities to the members of
the community. We currently employ over 125 persons of varying races
and ethnicities. Jammat Housing is an equal opportunity employer. If
you are interested in seeking employment with our agency, please go
to the
apply Page.